Our custom made sofa beds are made on client’s design.
Our sofa beds are adaptable in shape, dimension and stiffness according to our clients’ necessities.

Custom and Craft production

All our handcrafted sofa beds are entirely realised within our laboratory, all made in Italy.
We produce loose cover custom sofa beds in leathers or fabric.
You can choose the most suitable fabric for your home

Certifications and guarantee

Our company operates within hotel supplies and public housing industries, and that’s the reason why all our products have a 1M Class certificate (both highly fireproof fabric and structure).
In order to avoid possible shrinkages of the fabric, we offer the possibility to pre-wash the materials you have chosen.
Immediately after your purchase, the first washing of the covering is free of charge.
All our products have a 20 year guarantee.

Maintenance and restoration

We have an internal workshop where we realise and restore steel structures.
After the washing, we offer the service of removal and reassembling of the covering within your home.

See our productions

Our custom sofa beds

custom made sofa bed


Sofa bed with steel frame.

custom sofa bed by scandaletti Italy


Sofa bed with Lympha 40 mattress and organic cotton cover

custom sofa bed Ciak


Customized sofa bed with steel frame.

sofa bed made in Italy


Fabric sofa bed with simplified extractable mesh mechanism